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What to expect when you visit

The following are some items to help prepare you ahead of time as to some things to expect upon your initial visit to the church.
• The front door and ramp doors will be propped open, as well as the doors into the sanctuary.
• For us to be social distanced every other row of pews will be marked off, you may sit in open pew rows maintaining 6 feet between non-family members
• We strongly encourage you to wear a face mask, however if you choose not to know that you will not be turned away. (also, if you do not wear a mask, we ask that you do not sing, because singing projects germs further than normal conversation)
• There will be no nursery or Enka Kids until further notice, we ask that children sit in the sanctuary with whom brought them.
• A container will be placed by the exit doors for offerings, this may be done as you leave the church after service. You may also continue to mail in offerings or bring by the church during the week.
• At the conclusion of service, we will dismiss by rows and we request that everyone leave the building in a timely manner as your row is dismissed. We encourage those who want to fellowship afterwards to do so outside adhering to the 6 ft social distancing recommendation.
• For the time being, we will only be having Sunday morning 11:00am services

We know, recognize, and respect that not everyone will be comfortable with resuming in person worship, and that is perfectly understandable, we will continue to stream sermons via YouTube for those who do not feel comfortable in person. You do what you feel is most beneficial for your health and the health of your family. In the meantime, know that Enka Baptist loves you and will welcome you with open loving arms when you are comfortable to return.
Thank you,

Rev. Chris L. Reese, Pastor
PO Box 219
Enka, NC 28728
(828) 667-2410

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