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D.A.S.H. Dedicated Adults Serving Him
MasterWorks Bible StudyA Bible study group composed of various ages ranging from mid thirties to upper fifties. Both men and women of any age are welcome. The curriculum used is Lifeway's "MasterWorks - Essential Messages from God's Servants". It provides a daily interactive study from a variety of renowned authors' works and guides adults through Bible based life-applicable sessions from God's word.

Explore the BibleNew opportunities to study God’s Word
EXPLORE THE BIBLE – December 2017 through February 2018
Do you love God? Do you love His Word? Then I have good news for you. On Sunday, December 3rd, our Small Group Bible Study Classes continue the study of Acts with Chapter 13. There is so much history as well as instructions for life to be learned through following the life of Paul, as well as Peter, Barnabas, Timothy, John Mark, and others we read about in Chapters 13 through 28. But the most important thing we can learn is how God uses those of us who are willing, and how He miraculously leads and cares for us!
We will study about the missionary journeys of Paul and those who accompanied him; how God uses women like Lydia in His work; how we must be careful to prove (with Scripture) what we might hear from the pulpits of America; what kind of work ethics Christians should exhibit…and so much more!
But, I will stop with this, and hope that the Lord leads you to join us on Sunday mornings from 9:45-10:45 a.m. to see what God has prepared for you, and to have sweet fellowship with Christian friends. I found a quote in one of my diaries which stated: “If you want treasures from God’s Word, you must dig for them.” So, bring your “shovels” and join us.

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